Sports Warehouse

A Custom-Designed and Installed Geo-Thermal System

Project Description

Sports Warehouse wanted to build a 42,000 square foot operation with a geo-thermal heating/cooling system. Knecht’s was hired to design and install the system.


A geo-thermal system is not a standard heating/cooling system – it requires careful design and construction so that the system can tap 400 feet into the earth and take advantage of the ground’s cooler temperatures.

For the Sports Warehouse project, Knecht’s designed a geo-thermal system that had 49, 400-foot deep geo-thermal vertical boards with 20 geo-thermal heat pumps. The loop solution allows the large warehouse space to be completely temperature-regulated by relying on the earth’s 58-degree stable temperature. The system is controlled by a direct-digital energy management system that Knecht’s designed and installed.


The Sports Warehouse eco-heating geo-thermal system was successfully engineered and installed by the Knecht’s team – in fact, the owner was so pleased with the system, that he hired Knecht’s to design and install a custom system for his home.